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Licon is a sustainable Swiss-based fashion brand, founded by Lisa Contaldi in 2016. The Licon brand is based on responsibility, simple design, and high quality.

Our prototypes are sewn in the heart of Zurich at our design studio. Lisa, who has been working for many years in the fashion industry for international brands, has a valuable network of suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. We produce our cashmere products in a small company in Nepal, while our production partners are based in Thailand and South Switzerland. Here in our design studio in Zurich, we produce  limited editions as well as the handmade silkscreen prints.

Timeless design with the highest ethics & quality is our philosophy. We have full transparency around what materials we source and who produces them.

Starting in 2021, Licon introduced an internal certification for all garments to provide clients with full transparency regarding the products’ sustainability. For every sustainable element of production, or part of the supply chain,  the garment receives a star. Thus, the more stars a garments receives, than more sustainable it is.

Human rights and sustainability are core company values. Therefore, with every single garment we sell, we give a donation to the Nepal Street Children's Fund NAG.

Lisa, Founder

It's time for a change >

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With your voice and choice of clothes you can change the fashion system and make a valuable contribution!









Stiftung Arwole, Sargans  

Licon Studio      

Made in Switzerland

Made in Thailand          


Licon Studio


Made in Nepal                  

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